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Patient Monitoring Solutions

Pressure Ulcers and Falls are targets for immediate cost savings around the world. Remote Patient Monitoring is becoming more important within the NHS as it helps increase access to care, and decrease healthcare delivery costs. 

One such solution by BES that can help monitor patients remotely is the TLC sensor mat. It enables caregivers to receive, direct to their PC or mobile devices, health data and alerts about their clients in care. Using the TLC System, healthcare professionals and caregivers, while performing their other daily duties can monitor a group of clients continuously. They can also review long term trend data for sleep patterns, resting heart and breathing rate, and sleep quality, to identify adverse changes in health for early intervention. 

The TLC System has the  ability to track out of bed excursions allows caregivers to assist their clientsduring and after bed exits, hence reducing the risk of falls. The InteractiveFalls Prevention Solution provides caregivers with instant alerts, on their PC ormobile device, of their clients’ activities.

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Patient Monitoring
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