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Pressure Care - Skincare

Anyone can experience problems with areas of high pressure between the skin and the mattress. 

High pressure on the skin can cause discomfort in bed, and be a contributing factor to the development of pressure ulcers. Shear Comfort bed overlays are proven to redistribute pressure effectively (MHRA,2004) and can simply be placed over any mattress to soften the area. 

Not only do bed overlays reduce pressure, but they also create a healthy microclimate which helps the skin to breathe and stay dry, helping you stay comfortable throughout the night. Medical sheepskin does this by drawing water vapour away from the skin and improving air circulation to the area. 

Other individuals who experience joint problems can be helped by the insulating effect of sheepskin which keeps the joints warm and well-supported. A firm or orthopaedic mattress can be made more comfortable with the addition of an overlay, without decreasing the musculoskeletal support that such a mattress provides.

Shear Comfort provide a range of sheepskin overlays for matresses and chairs to relieve pressure and discomfort for those who lie or sit most of the time.

Immerse yourself in full comfort for a better night's sleep with a Shear Comfort overlay.   

Pressure Care - Skincare

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