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Pressure Mapping

What should I use a Pressure Mapping System for, and why?

Pressure Mapping systems should be used with every individual with mobility challenges to give you information about forces affecting the person, forces that cannot be seen otherwise.  This information can be extrapolated to various areas of value to the clinician, and hence the client.

Pressure distribution assessment and positioning information

We know that we want to minimise the pressures around bony parts of the body, and therefore we need to be able to see how our interventions have succeeded in taking pressures elsewhere.

Rate of change of pressure distribution (Gradients)

Most of the damage to skin tissues comes from ‘shear strain’ distorting the cells and the blood capillaries.  The more the rate of change of pressures the more the damage.  You therefore need a pressure mapping system that shows where this damage is likely to occur.

Pressure Mapping systems are therefore essential assessment tools. 

Pressure Mapping

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