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BES Healthcare’s AquaPhase has been a workhorse in the community for decontamination of equipment for the last 15 years.

Importantly, our chemicals have been selected to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, including C. diff, MRSA, and E. coli.

With its simple 3 step automated process (Detergent, Rinse, and Disinfectant cycles) the AquaPhase provides effective cleaning of equipment with proven and reproducible results.

Savings with the AquaPhase come from staff time available, reusability of equipment, staff health, reduced water consumption, reduced chemical costs, and reduced customer concerns and complaints.

Our  UK-manufactured chemical costs offer a 20% saving, and these savings have been passed directly onto our customers.

The AquaPhase range comes in three series AQ3000, AQ4000, and AQ4800 and portrays different sizes and uses to cater to different customers.

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Chemicals Kill C.diff and MRSA

The AquaPhase ranges use a chemical disinfection process which is more cost effective and safer than thermal disinfection. The combination of chemicals used in the machine is effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms including MRSA and C. difficile

Reduces Risk of Cross Contamination

The automated operation of the machines leads to savings in staff cost and time, reduces human contact with the equipment, and thereby reduces the risk of cross contamination. 

Cost Savings and Peace of Mind

Short wash and rinse cycles benefit in time and resource saving, and at the same time allow more items to be washed and disinfected in a day. Thorough and reproducible results offer peace of mind to users.

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Universal Features of the AquaPhase ranges

  • Plug and Play Installation

  • Stainless Steel Chamber

  • Stainless Steel Oscillating Spray Arms

  • Disinfectant Application System

  • Separate Disinfection Delivery Pipework

  • Wash Cycle, Disinfect Cycle, Wash and Disinfect Cycle

  • Wash Cycles Time 3, 5, or 7 Minutes

  • Automatic Chemical Injection

  • LCD Status Display

  • Door Window

  • Heavy-Duty Castor Wheels

  • Powerful Motor and Pump

  • Water Temperature Monitor

Support Offered by BES Healthcare

Behind the Scene Support

At BES Healthcare, we pride ourselves in working with you to create the most efficient and effective decontamination procedure that meets your infection control requirements.

We can help design your building layout and assist your technical support staff with planning utility provision.

We can offer training on decontamination in general, and certificated training on our equipment after installation.

Some equipment can be returned in a heavily soiled state, or covered with greasy oils and lotions. We offer a pre-clean detergent to help with particularly soiled equipment.

Other Support Options

Servicing and Maintenance
BES Corporate has a range of maintenance and service contracts that can cover your needs.

Validation Options
BES Corporate offers as an optional Third Party Microbiological Validation to give you peace of mind that your machine is decontaminating effectively.

Flexible Purchase Options
Buy, Lease, or Rent.

Data and Audit Tracking

BES Healthcare offers an audit package for your AquaPhase equipment washer.

This package covers the cost of additional:

• Temperature sensors
• Chemical injection sensors
• Disinfection level sensors
• Data processor
• Printer

In addition the package will:
• Confirm temperature at different stages of the cycle
• Confirm the addition of detergent
• Confirm the addition of disinfectant
• Confirm the time of each ‘Stage’ of the cycle

• Provide alerts of:
• Low disinfectant level
• Interrupted or incomplete cycle

• Allow input of equipment identification number
• Capture of the data processed on a paper print-out

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