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Carol Waddicor, Manager at Acorn House Care Home

I am very happy with the TLC (Touch-free Life Care) product. I am using them for 3 clients and not only has the TLC prevented falls, the product has helped by re-establishing sleep patterns. Staff can now settle clients back to sleep as soon as they get up from the bed before they are fully awake. I would highly recommend the TLC and wonder now how we managed without it. 

The aftercare from Sasha (Area Manager, BES) and Stephen (Divisional Manager, BES) has been excellent wth speedy responses for any queries I have had. 

Kerry Belshaw, Tissue Viability Clinical Nurse Specialist, Lincolnshire

An interview with Kerry Belshaw 

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Nursing In Practice ArticlePressure ulcer management is a priority for all care providers. This has been given additional emphasis through the Harm Free Care campaign, which encourages healthcare professionals to reduce the four major harms (falls, pressure ulcers, VTE and urine infections). Providers can also receive incentive payments known as CQUINS (commissioning for quality and innovation), which are agreed on an annual basis. Commissioners are able to levy fines for non-achievement of quality standards through the Quality Schedule. 

A range of pressure ulcer prevention tools from natural wool products to pressure mapping systems are available from BES. The Shear Comfort range of footwear, skincare, and targeted protectors are manufactured using medical grade wool to give them the optimum properties for pressure care and microclimate control. Apart from keeping the body comfortable and warm, medical sheep wool regulates temperature, wicks moisture, reduces shear and friction, and redistributes pressure.

A plug and play pressure mapping system from BES is used as a valuable assessment tool to prevent pressure ulcers, and analyse an individual’s posture. The Tissue Viability Team from Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust has been working with BES to explore how the team can use pressure mapping to support patients with more complex needs in the community.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

Pioneering Technology To Boost Elderly Care

Blackburn ArticleArticle Published by ‘The Shuttle Newspaper’, in Conjunction with ‘Safe and Well’ and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

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New hi-tech safety devices in residential homes are giving elderly people extra
peace of mind.

A pilot scheme for new hi-tech equipment is being rolled out in the borough to help staff in residential homes to meet the needs of vulnerable people even quicker – and give residents more control over their care. Blackburn with Darwen Council’s Safe and Well Programme working in partnership with BES Healthcare are currently piloting “TLC Technology” at Acorn House Care Home in Blackburn.

The TLC enables caregivers to receive, direct to their PC or mobile devices, health data and alerts about their clients in care. They can also review long term trend data for sleep patterns, resting heart and breathing rate and sleep quality to identify adverse changes in health for early intervention.

It is also planned that these devices will also be used as part of the re-ablement programme, where people who have spent time in hospital are able to return to their homes thanks to the extra assistance and equipment to help them live an independent life.

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